Years 7, 8 and 9

In Years 7, 8 and 9 all students are assessed formally by internal tests that are administered by subject staff in classrooms. In every subject, students will take a minimum of 3 assessments every year (one assessment per term). The results from these assessments are used to inform the standard that students are currently working at. This is shown on students’ individual progress reports which are produced termly.


In Year 10, students begin their GCSE/vocational courses. GCSE courses are linear with all written exams taking place at the end of Year 11. Some subjects also have NEA (Non-Examination Assessment) components which are completed at different points during the course. Students prepare for the NEA under the guidance of their subject teachers. This preparation time might extend to several lessons. The actual NEA will usually be completed on a fixed day and will be done under examination conditions. Students will be informed of the dates for their NEA in advance and should be aware that they may be disadvantaged if they do not attend school on that date. 

Students studying a vocational course (BTEC Tech Award, Cambridge National, WJEC Vocational Award) will take an external examination at the end of Year 11 in addition to completing various assessed units throughout the course. 

In both Year 10 and 11, internal assessments are administered at least 3 times per year and are used to inform the grades that students are currently working at. Year 10 exams take place in late April/early May. In Year 11, two sets of mock GCSE examinations take place, in late November/early December and March. 

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