Governing Board

The Governing Body can consist of a maximum of 14 Governors, split as follows, each serving a four year term of office.

• 4 Parent Governors

• 1 Staff Governor

• 1 Headteacher

• 8 Community Governors

Most queries about the management of Highfields School and the progress of any individual child should be directed in the first instance to the school itself, but we or other Governors will be happy to answer any more general questions, particularly in relation to the role of the Governing Body. Letters directed to us should be sent to the Clerk to Governors at school for our attention.

You can contact our Chair of Governors on

Current Governors

Name Governor Type Start Date End Date Responsibility
Mr A Marsh Headteacher 1st September 2018
Mr R Atkinson Community 26th September 2019 25th September 2023 Chair of Governors
Mr D Holmes Parent 26th September 2019 25th September 2023
Mrs A Beesley Community 25th June 2020 24th June 2024
Mr P Steeples Community 22nd September 2020 21st September 2024 Vice Chair
Ms A Goodall Community 24th September 2020 23rd September 2024
Ms E Hill Community 24th September 2020 23rd September 2024
Mrs S Rodgers Parent 19th November 2020 18th November 2024
Dr E Ross Parent 19th November 2020 18th November 2024
Ms D O’Donovan Community 26th November 2020 25th November 2024
Mr D Whittam Community 17th March 2022 16th March 2026
Mrs T Fisher Community 9th November 2022 8th November 2026
Mr M Webb Staff 24th November 2022 23rd November 2026

Governor Link Areas

Link Area Link Governor Areas of Interest Key Policies
Finance / Resources / Personnel Mr D Holmes SFVS, budget, staffing updates, staff attendance Charging, Teachers Pay
Standards: Curriculum (intent, implementation, impact) Mrs S Rodgers Teaching, learning, exaimnation results, curriculum, extra-curricular offer, pupil premium strategy Performance Management
Inclusion (SEND behaviour / attendance) Ms E Hill SEND funding, Children in Care SEND, Disability Equality, Accessibility Plan, Attendance, School Discipline & Behaviour
Leadership and Strategy Mr R Atkinson Strategic planning, KPIs Complaints Procedure
Safeguarding/Wellbeing/H&S Mrs Tina Fisher Early help offer, single central record, safeguarding training Safeguarding, health & safety


Resignations during the last 12 months:

Miss A Ellson (30.08.2022)

J Coe (10.2.2023)

End of term of office during the last 12 months: