Family Support and Early Help

Family Support

  • Is for children of all ages within our school
  • Provides additional support for families, parents and carers
  • Is very effective in supporting a child, young person and/or their family to step down from statutory services as well as preventing the escalation of issues
  • Offers parenting support
  • Can liaise with other agencies and make referrals to these so that further support can be offered

Our Family Support service provides an Early help offer (Level 2) to all children and families with emerging needs.

Family Support staff will provide additional help for children, young people and families as soon as challenges start to emerge or where it is likely that issues will impact negatively on children’s outcomes. If you feel you need a referral into the Family Support Team, please speak to your child’s Year Manager.

As part of Level 2 Family Support, an Early Help Assessment will be completed to assess the whole family’s needs.

Level 1 – Universal – open access to provision

Need is relatively low and individual / universal services able to take swift action.

Level 2 – Emerging Needs

Concerns for child’s wellbeing, child’s needs not clear, not known or not being met. A range of early help services may be required.

Level 3 – Intensive

A child or young person has needs which without intervention would seriously impair their health or development or put them at risk.

Level 4 – Specialist

A baby, child or young person is at current risk of significant harm because of abuse or neglect.