Sixth Form Admissions

Applying for Sixth Form

Please email and we will email you a link to the electronic application form.

Guidance Notes for completing the Sixth Form Application Form:

• Students are asked to complete their Mock Exam Results and their Predicted Grade. It is important that students use the Predicted Grade given by their subject staff and not their Target Grade. This information can be found on the Year 11 Assessment Profile.

• Students will choose 3 or 4 subjects from the 4 Option Blocks. Whether students start with three or four A Levels will be considered on a case-by-case basis with each student. For a large number of students, starting on three subjects will be appropriate but for other students it may be sensible to start with four subjects, either with a view to dropping one when they are more certain which their three best subjects are.

• Personal Statement – It is important that this section is filled in properly. It is likely to be referred to in your guidance interview for Sixth Form options. You need to state clearly your reasons for wishing to join the Sixth Form at Highfields School. The Sixth Form is about more than academic success. We want students to be able to develop new interests and skills. A large amount of this comes from taking responsibility and initiative. Sixth form students take a lead arranging charity and community events throughout the school. We have programmes for peer mentoring and subject mentoring, helping out in local primary schools with IT projects or in reading schemes with younger children. Our students take the leading edge in school musicals and drama as well as competing successfully in business competitions and organising their own Gold Duke of Edinburgh trips.