Sixth Form Bursary Fund Information

A Guide to the 16-19 Bursary Fund

The school will assess which students are eligible for the ’16-19 Bursary Fund’ based on the criteria and advice provided by the Education Funding Agency (EFA).  This includes assessing the age of the student, the length of the course and additional criteria specified in the current EFA guidance on vulnerable students’ eligibility for this bursary.

There are two types of bursary; the vulnerable bursary award which provides support for vulnerable students who are eligible according to the EFA guidance.  The second is a discretionary bursary, the criteria for this is to support students who (a) are eligible for free school meals and (b) plus those who also meet other criteria as specified in the EFA guidance.

This financial help provides for things such as transport, meals, books and equipment. The Education Funding Guidance stipulates: “payments are for participation-related costs only”.

The school works very closely with other agencies on behalf of vulnerable students to ensure that the bursary meets the needs of the student. For those students who are assessed for eligibility of either award information remains confidential and known only to those who are involved in the administration of the bursary awards.

Please refer to the information below for the ’16 -19 Bursary Fund’ application and information documents which will provide you with further clarification.

Application forms and evidence will need to be submitted to the 6th form office by Wednesday 20th September.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Sargeant, Pastoral Manager for Sixth Form on 01629 832389.