The school believes that bullying is wrong.

Although there is not an unusual amount of bullying, the aim of everybody should be to prevent bullying by bringing it out into the open, where it can be dealt with.

Bullying happens when one person makes another person feel unhappy or threatened over a period of time through either mental or physical intimidation. This can include name calling, bag moving, being threatened, extortion, being hit, being left out or isolated, being treated unfairly, being cyber-bullied, using malicious text or MSN messaging / photography. There is a power difference between the students.

Every adult in school will be actively involved in preventing bullying. However minor they may feel the incident appears, it will be taken seriously, dealt with straight away and will be recorded in writing.

Students must speak out about any incident they know of and not tolerate bullying amongst themselves.

The school will continually review how it deals with bullying and involve students and their parents/carers in the process.

Help can and will be offered to those who bully in order to change their ways.