Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening on Tuesday 17th November

We are looking forward to introducing you to the Sixth Form at Highfields after half-term.

Open Evening and Information Packages

We will be launching the Sixth Form Open Evening package in November, to help students think about the options available.

Tuesday 17th November: Zoom Open Evening talk. This talk will give you an impression of Sixth Form, the wider opportunities available and some advice about choosing your subjects. The arrangements for the talk, and the Zoom link, will be sent to you nearer the time.

Sixth Form Subject information. Each subject will have information to help you decide if it’s what you want to choose. These links will be on the website. This information will be posted ready for the Open Evening and will stay up for the rest of the year, so you’ll be able to keep looking at it if you want to.

Sixth Form Prospectus: the online prospectus will be available on the website which will have a lot of the information you want in one place.


At the end of November we will ask you for your top four subject preferences. This will not commit you to those subjects, but it helps us to plan for demand and to build our option blocks to allow the best fit with what students want to study. We will do this by an electronic survey.

We then publish the option blocks in late January and students complete an application form, including their subject choices.

In February and March we will then have individual meetings with students to discuss options.

Decisions on your future take time, so this is the start of the process. It is not unusual for students and parents to still have questions in the summer of next year, and so we will be happy to keep up the conversations with you over time. We don’t want you to feel rushed. We do want you to feel informed.

With best wishes,

Martin Flett

Director of Sixth Form

Liz Cruise

Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Rachel Sargeant

Sixth Form Manager