Lower Site – Safety of Young People

A small but significant number of parents/carers continue to drop off students in the bus stop or staff carpark at Starkholmes creating congestion and hazardous conditions for young people. Please see highway code rule 243 here:

“DO NOT stop or park:

  • near a school entrance
  • anywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Services
  • at or near a bus or tram stop or taxi rank”

It is a matter of time before motorists’ behaviour at Starkholmes causes a serious accident. The police are now working with us to increase safety. We again ask that you drop your child away from school and leave them to walk the final two minutes or so. This is good for them, the environment and the safety of students alighting buses and arriving on foot.

If parents/carers require access to the school site based on physical need, please contact Mr Hodkin, Assistant Headteacher/SENCO.

Highfields School