Highfields School A Level results press release 2023

Highfields students celebrate success

Highfields students are celebrating excellent A level results today, continuing a track record of success, with two-thirds of students achieving A*-B grades, and 86% achieving A*-C grades.

Deputy Head Peter Cole said, “Some students have faced extremely challenging circumstances outside of school but, despite this, have achieved outstanding results and as a staff group we are incredibly proud of them”.

Director of Sixth Form, Martin Flett, said, “One of the hallmarks of this year group has been an interest and enthusiasm for learning which, for many students, has taken them well beyond what they need to know for exams.  This has made classrooms a thought-provoking and enjoyable place for teachers as well.”  From this environment, several students are heading to Oxford and Cambridge, to study subjects including biology, economics, maths and English literature.  The commitment shown to independent research has been particularly inspiring, with students carrying out projects where they have linked up with alumni in academic and professional workplaces.

Degree apprenticeships have more competitive selection processes than most undergraduate courses, so it has also been exciting to see success here, for example in the retail sector with Morrisons.

For a long time, more of our students have taken Maths A level than any other subject, and this year 75% of those students achieved an A* or A grade.  Rebecca Brown, Head of Maths, said, “students had formed an after-school maths club where they encouraged each other and teachers really enjoyed working with them”.

Liz Cruise, the Assistant Head of Sixth Form, said “This year group has been fully invested in the wider life of the school community.  They have taken the lead in designing and delivering lessons tackling challenging issues, including consent and relationships, where what they say has a real impact.  They have led dance troupes and choreographed the school musical; listened to students who have been struggling and have been champions of inclusivity.  They have been generous and proactive in using their initiative to make sure that younger students have fun and enjoy their time at school.  We know they will continue in this spirit in their future careers and wish them huge success.”