A Level And GCSE Results 2021

We want to pay tribute to our students, who coped so well with the twists and turns of the past two years.   In a year when ‘reality’ sometimes seemed difficult to grasp, their examination achievements are real.  They were set challenging assessments which were assessed rigorously under exam conditions as close as possible to the years preceding Covid.

After the January announcement that ‘exams were cancelled’ students might have been forgiven for taking a rest, but they did not.  They continued to attend lessons online with participation that exceeded our expectations.  When they returned in March there was only a matter of weeks before exam conditions started and those assessments carried on over the following two months.  This was an extremely short take-off time, but students accepted the challenge and, although this inevitably created pressure and concern, there was very little complaint.

Martin Flett, Director of Sixth Form said, “Our students were a pleasure to work with under stressful conditions: they deserve all the success they achieved.  However, more than that, they made it a memorable two years in sixth form.  This was a group that engaged fully in our voluntary activities in the community, as well as in school.  Memorable connections were made with Golding Grange day care centre, Denefields Court sheltered housing and various lunch clubs in the town.”

Jane Hughes, Head of Year 11, said, “I told the students many times that if I had to go through a pandemic with any year group, I’m glad that I went through it with theirs. They showed grit, determination, maturity, passion and compassion for others: I could not be prouder of them.”

A Levels Results Day 2021

GCSE Results Day 2021