Year 7 applications – (Current Year 6 applications to join Year 7 in September of the following year)

Derbyshire County Council acts as a clearing house for admitting all Derbyshire students to secondary schools and therefore, handles all aspects of the admission application process for Highfields School’s prospective year 7 students.

The Local Authority will contact parents/carers to apply for the preferred secondary school in early September.  Applications for year 7 are not processed by Highfields School.

The Local Authority deadline for applications is 31 October.   Parents/carers will receive an offer of a secondary school place on 1 March, the national offer day.

Further Information regarding Derbyshire County Council’s admissions can be accessed via their website:

Applications must be received by the local authority before 3.30pm on the last day of term 1 (October) of the year prior to admission. 


Prospective Year 7 Students

In-Year Applications – (applicants joining year groups after the start of the academic year)  Please note:  WE ARE FULL IN ALL YEAR GROUPS

Parents/carers may want to apply for their child to change schools other than when they are due to start secondary education. This could be because of a change of address or other personal reasons.  This can be requested at any time of year.

Places for in-year applications are processed by Highfields School.  To make an application for an in-year place at Highfields School please click here to complete our Admission Request Form.

Alternatively, please request a paper copy via

Parents/carers will be notified of the outcome of applications within 15 school days.

Please note:  Please be aware if you are making an in-year admission we will be contacting your child’s current school in order to discuss the application.  When you move a child from one school to another there is a considerable impact on their academic and emotional progress.  We would advise any parent/carer to work with their child’s current school to resolve any issues before considering a move.



If parents/carers are unsuccessful in being offered a place at Highfields School they have the right to appeal against this decision to an independent appeals panel.  In order to lodge an appeal parents/carers are asked to complete a ‘notice of school admission appeal’ form.

Please contact to request a form or you can click the link below to download a copy:

School Admission Appeal

Appeals will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.  Appeals are managed by an independent panel.

Highfields School catchment area

To see if you live in the catchment area or check your approximate distance from the school, please see the normal area map that can be found on Derbyshire County Council’s website: