Exams 2022 Adaptations

Advance Information

Advance information is one part of a package of measures introduced by Government to support students whose learning has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic and is intended to help guide and prioritise revision.

JCQ has published a guide for students and updated FAQs on advance information.

Student FAQs Summer 2022

Advance Information Student Guide


Advanced Information is usually only given about broad topic areas that will be assessed in high value questions. It is vital that it is not seen as a ‘statement of all a student needs to revise’. In most cases all content from across the full course will still need to be revised, as it could appear in lower value questions or be used as material that could be relevant as background or links in answers. Teachers of each subject will guide students on this.

Beside is a link to the advance information provided by the exam boards for each of the specifications for Year 11 and Year 13 Highfields students.