From 1st April onwards you will receive information and activities for your child to complete, that will best help them make a smooth transition to Highfields School.

Please make sure that you download the Weduc app by 12th March so that you receive all communications.

We have thought about those issues and concerns you might have – what is the school like, how will I find my way around, how do I buy the uniform, what will happen with the buses?

We will keep updating you on key information, but below are a few pieces of information and activities that you will expect to see before the start of term in September. Activity work and information forms must be returned by the deadline date to allow us to process the information to support your child.

Programme of Events for Parents of Year 6 Students Starting Highfields in September 2021

From September, the transition programme will continue with some very focused ‘year 7’ time and activities. The first day of school is a dedicated to Year 7 students only.  This is Wednesday 1st September.

We will keep in touch to make sure students have the best possible transition experience in this climate. Our priority remains that students feel part of our community and to allay as many worries as possible whilst beginning to outline our expectations. In this way, together we will be able to ensure that every student begins their Highfields journey as smoothly as possible.

All Year 6 students are now on our school system and a parent has been sent a message to ask that you download and enrol to our Weduc Communications System. Our transition programme will be via this method of communication so we ask that you download as soon as possible in order to receive information from us over the next few months.

Below is our first message and letter that has been sent to you via this method. Thank you.

Dear Year 6 Student/Parent

We hope you continue to all be safe and well in these unusual times.We are trying to plan ahead, despite the uncertainties we still have so that we can try to provide a transition process that is most likely to succeed in an academic year that may continue with year bubbles, limited contact and school cross-over opportunities.

To reassure you , the current Year 7 have settled in very well, many coped better with our virtual transition than our normal one.  We also want to keep you all as involved as possible to ensure you are fully informed across the whole process.

Please find enclosed our initial welcome letter. We are hopeful of inviting students and 1 parent in to visit us on Friday 2nd July for a short length of time at designated times during the day. However this will be confirmed nearer the time when we know that this is allowed as we need to ensure we adhere to government guidance.

Mid March we will send our Year 6 Programme to you so you know what to expect over the next few months. Please note Year 7 1st day in school is 1st September.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to Highfields.

Mrs Tina Green Year Manager

Miss Jane Hughes Head of Year

Year 7 Team:

Mr Rodgers

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Miss Jane Hughes

Head of Year 7

Mrs Green

Year Manager (Year 7)