Teaching and learning are core functions of our school.

Our primary focus is to ensure that students make good progress in all their lessons. We promote an active, engaging, challenging and inclusive culture of learning, ensuring that students are inspired and fully involved in developing their skills, knowledge and understanding across all subject areas.

It is our aim to motivate all students to have high aspirations and a desire to fulfill their potential both in and out of the class room. We aim to develop independent and creative learners by encouraging teachers and students and to work in partnership to create an active and stimulating learning environment. This is implemented at Highfields through a set of 5 ‘learning skills’ introduced to our students at the start of their learning to learn (L2L) programme of study. Each subject area within Highfields School will implement and encourage these 5 learning skills through challenging activities in every lesson. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s learning and are supported in doing so.

Our key teaching and learning themes are:

Creating independence through our 5R learning skills

HOT: Higher Order Thinking questioning (Blooms taxonomy)

Active learning


Group and collaboration work

AfL: Assessment for learning