At Highfields, we use staff and student opinions to help drive our teaching and learning. Through carefully constructed topics each term our i2T groups (consisting of all teachers) and our i2L groups (consisting Y7-13 students) discuss, review and decide which areas of our teaching and learning could be developed further.

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GROW Coaching Model

At Highfields, we use the GROW coaching model in order to structure our ‘self referral’ coaching sessions and to help staff enhance a set of skills in a developmental and none judgemental environment.


The power of the GROW coaching model is that it leads to a clearly defined end result through four purposeful phases. The coachee is personally active in identifying problems and generating ideas for solutions. The GROW coaching model stands for learning experience: reflection, insight, making choices and pursuing them. The GROW coaching model consists of four steps. The word GROW is actually an acronym Goal – Reality – Options – Will.


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