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Alternatively you can contact the school office on 01629 581888.

Information of Parents and Carers of Year 6 Students

For Year 7 in the 2020/21 Academic Year

Dear Year 6 Students and Parents/Carers

Welcome to Highfields School! If you are reading this, then you must already be interested in our school and what we are doing.

"School" is very strange for all of us at the moment. We don't quite know how the coming weeks will work out, but we understand for students in year 6 it will be particularly odd - you haven't had chance to finish primary school properly after all your time there, then you might be wondering how you will get on with secondary school at Highfields.

All we wanted to say here is don't worry. We have certainly not forgotten you! Over the coming weeks, as we see what is happening across the country and the world we will be deciding how we can best help you smoothly make the move to being a Highfields student. We will think through all those issues and concerns you might have - what is the school like, how will I find my way around, how do I buy the uniform, what will happen with the buses?

We will keep updating everyone through our school newsletter (see the news page) and via emails from Mrs Green. She is the 'Year Manager' for year 7 and your first point of contact. Mrs Green has already emailed some basic information to parents/carers of our year 6 students. So, if your family haven't received an email from Mrs Green, please email with your name and primary school so she can add you to our communication list and you will receive all future updates.

Take care and stay well.

Mr Rodgers

Associate Assistant Headteacher


For our latest Transition Programme information, please click here. 


Communication with year 6 families

We will issue further emails over the coming weeks to include information on the transition process, together with several electronic forms for you to complete and return. The information you provide will be helpful in planning the year group in good time for their start date. Year 7 students will start with us on Wednesday 2 September 2020 if the school has re-opened in line with our previous plans.


We look forward to meeting you and your child soon, but if you have any queries in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Green in the first instance (


Year 7 team:

Mr Rodgers – Associate Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Hollinrake & Mrs Redhead – Joint Heads of Year 7

Mrs Green – Year Manager (Year 7)