09.04.2019 - Hillsborough Disaster 30th Anniversary Remembrance Performance

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15th April 2019 marks the 30th Anniversary since the Hillsborough disaster took place in Sheffield. The match, between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, was a semi-final cup game. 96 people lost their lives that day when Pen 3 became over-crowded; went to a football match and never came home.


In preparation for their GCSE Devised module, Year 9 worked on a project based on the stimulus of the Hillsborough Disaster. After numerous workshops exploring the stimulus with their class teacher, and developing their techniques and understanding of different practitioners, students begin to create their own project performance. Aiming for a running time of 5 minutes and using a range of techniques, the students worked each lesson and 1 lunchtime a week (homework set) as an ensemble to create a moving performance. Students explored the perspective of the media, government, fans, family and police. They used factual evidence, their own opinion and printed newspapers and reports.


“I’m so proud of the students and the work they have done in recent weeks. We chose to share these performances Tuesday lunchtime to an audience of students from across the year groups, as well as staff and fellow Year 9 students. Students arrived punctually to perform on Tuesday lunch, and even came at break to have one last run through. The students performed for their assessments last week, and any that wanted to took part in the lunchtime remembrance performance. I feel it was a fitting way to mark such a special occasion in history. I lived in Liverpool for 5 years and my first teaching job and teacher training were in Liverpool. This city holds a special place in my heart and some of my friend’s family were affected directly.”


Year 9 student Charlie said: “It was great to see the work of other students in other forms. Most of us who performed are taking GCSE Drama next year. The standard was so high and I can’t wait to be in a GCSE class with these students next year. It felt really special and was moving at times, too. Some of us tried to include John Godber techniques to add humour to our work when fans were getting ready for the game”. Another student added: “I liked exploring other perspectives and learning about the corruption within the media and the negative impact they had on so many people’s lives. I can’t believe the truth was hidden for so long!”.


Year 10 students, already taking GCSE Drama gave their thoughts after enjoying the showcase. Tia said: “It was really good! I can’t believe these students are in Year 9 creating such sophisticated work”. Millie added: “Yeah, I agree. The skills they used were really advanced. They were focused and had great techniques.” “I thought the performances were really well planned and rehearsed – they clearly put in a lot of time and effort!” Grace, Year 10, added.