27.02.2019 - Live Theatre for Sixth Form Drama Students

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Highfields students were lucky enough to experience an inspiring and engaging trip to London on January 31st. 16 Year 12 and 13 Drama students took the train to London with their teachers to experience Live Theatre as part of their written exam. A Level students are expected to analyse and evaluate the performances of actors in a live piece of Theatre. When ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’ was reported to return to the West-End for a limited period Miss Bonsall had to get tickets for our students again. It is not only an exceptional, unforgettable piece of theatre; but also a brilliant piece to write about. The students thoroughly enjoyed the performance and have already started working on their essays for the written exam. They have analysed moments they enjoyed and evaluated the audience response, too. The students also had a short walking tour of favourite London landmarks (only with myself as a tour guide!). We visited Buckingham Palace, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden.


Finally, we were lucky enough to be met after the performance by actor Sean Mackenzie. Sean is an experienced actor currently in the ensemble of ‘Curious Incident’. Some of us were lucky enough to see him perform at Derby Theatre last year and since then he’s been a ‘friend’ on Twitter. When he saw our @HighfieldsDrama tweet that we were on our way to see the show, he got in touch to arrange a quick meet and greet. Sean was keen to see us as he’s from Derbyshire himself! He was informative and inspiring, and hopefully we will see him again!