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Highfields Careers Evening - Thursday 14th November 2019 6-8pm

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We have an experienced independent careers advisor who provides students with the advice they require. Students are given individual help at each stage, from choosing their subjects in Year 9 to post-school destinations. Guidance and help are provided by the Careers Advisor, Careers Coordinator, Personal Tutors, Heads of Year and Work Experience Department. The Careers Advisor works with school to ensure that every young person receives a level of support according to his or her needs. This includes guiding students as they move on to college or apprenticeships and giving advice and help to students who are facing difficulties with decision making, whether about personal choices or future careers. We hope that parents will also be closely involved in this process.


All students are expected to undertake a period of work experience in Year 10. Details of placements for Year 10 are accessible to students on VLE (the school's virtual learning environment; school username and password required). Details of placements are also displayed in school on the Year 10 work experience noticeboard.


The Year 10 Work Experience Coordinator is Mrs Christine Giles.


There are further opportunities for work experience and job shadowing in Year 12. This is particularly important as Higher Education courses increasingly have specific work experience requirements.


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